Lincoln’s Argentinian centre-forward is looking to get on the scoreboard more often after grabbing his first of the season against Lions n the second match of the season.
Guido Abaiyan’s strike secured a confidence-boosting first win of the season after two tough matches against title rivals Europa, and already has set his sights on clinching the title for a record-breaking fourteenth time.
“We are clearly one of four or five clubs with aspirations to win the Championship but I am aware that having been at the top of the pile so long means everyone wants to beat us so at no point can we let down our guard.
“I love the pressure here because it means we will always go forward to win every match so arriving at a club like Lincoln is always better than being at one that is struggling in the lower half of the table. My desire to score goals echoes the club’s reputation, which has only grown around the world since it got to the second round of the Champions League qualifiers.”
Abayian arrived in Gibraltar after he was contacted about the possibility of playing for Lincoln while in Argentina. Driven by a desire to showcase his talents in Europe and make the most of any opportunities that presented themselves, he agreed and the rest is history.
While he realises that playing for Lincoln may be a different standard that what he is used to, he told us that it is his challenge to adapt: “It is the player who needs to act as a professional and if we do, it will serve to increase the level all around.
“When the players from the national squad arrived I immediately noted the difference and as we see others come here from around the world we will stay on that road to becoming professionals,” he said. “This is a great opportunity to make the most of an emerging league and putting in my own talents so that I grow within the group as well.
“I feel that bringing foreigners elevates the team’s potential, not only because of our quality but because we bring new experiences so being part of a squad that plays at international level helps to push me to give the most I can, both on and off the pitch.”
In this spirit, he insisted that he has not come to take away anyone’s place in the squad, but instead to create competition which would only help raise the bar across the League and the club itself.
The sky’s the limit
Abayian said it would be “a dream come true” to reach that stage himself and feels that if he is at the club come July he would fulfil what is every football players’ dream.
“I know it is difficult to get past the qualifying rounds in the Champions League but I am also aware that the team that narrowly beat Lincoln are now in the Europa League playing some of the best in Europe. I don’t know if we will make it this season or next, but all we need to do is prepare ourselves mentally and set our sights aiming at what we can achieve.
“If we keep on progressing as we have done, reaching that phase year in year out there is no reason why we cannot get better ourselves every season to the point where we get to the group stage.”
He believes that the key to such unprecedented success is looking after themselves and training hard so that on the field they can perform to the highest level.
“Although it’s a big responsibility I have come to Lincoln with the intention of doing my best on and off the pitch and it is up to others to judge whether they can learn from my experience and understanding of the game,” continued the Argentinian centre-forward. “After my first goal I want to go on and score another especially as I feel I link up very well with Lee Casciaro up front.”
Finally, Abayian said that the family atmosphere at the club means that “communication is very fluent” particularly as the directors themselves attend training sessions which puts the club on a very positive footing so even if they are defeated they will still remain strong from the inside out.

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